​​​​​Annick Geenen creates a personal synthesis of significant periods in her life through experiential diaries of images.
She examines her richly filled image archive and extracts selections, which she strings together in her photographic work and books. 
The various chapters invites us to slow down, empathy and wonder. In her work and books of experiences, each image and page invites the viewer to pause and relate to what she/he encounters, to fill in a story of their own. 
Her images and books offer movements between different thoughts. It is a testament of a visual storyteller at work. 
Her work focuses on light and analyses its presence and zones of absence and passage, resting on a dialectic tension and attempt to instigate a relation between contradicting concepts and perceptions: between sensitive and powerfull, light and shadow, simplicity and complexity, woman and man. In doing so, she builds a tension that draw our attention while expanding it in an attempt to counterbalance the speed of our time. 
The gathering together of these observations for the printed page forms an exchange and dialogue between the images, creating work that isn't about one image but, a union of images.

Copyright © Annick Geenen. All Rights Reserved.